Who does this wiki belong to?
This wiki belong to Wikia. Wikia isn't a real person, instead, it is a company / website founded by Jimmy Wales and Angela full of wikis

Is this wiki powered by Isle of / Happy Lander?
This wiki is powered by, not Happy Lander; founded by Sam Wang, who was somebody nothing related to Happy Lander / Isle of

When was this wiki created?
During October 1st, 2011, as Default's first edit was that day, and Default will complete a few tasks (edits) within the second of a wiki's creation

Have any more questions about this wiki? Please don't feel afraid to ask them here — if a question if asked frequently, then it would be added to this blog post; administrators from this wiki will try their best to answer any questions you have, or perhaps problems. You can also ask questions about this wiki here.

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