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Isle of Tune iOS Version
The iOS version is the newest update to Isle of Tune, including the iPad version and the iPhone version.

App Store Button Beginning in Early September of the year 2011, the iOS version of Isle of Tune has came out, originally as the iPad version. Recently, it has developed into a version for iPhone. It took a total of 9 months starting from January 2011 to Late August, soon after it was found in the App Store. Many more features has been included in the update: Bridges, Signs, and many more buttons.


Concept & design
iOS development

Icon and logo design
'Big Sky' font design

Abstract Alien

Ilija Melentijevic
Kristian Larsen

Thanks to:
Justine - Harfun - The 'Board' -Steinar Kristoffersen - Gloria
Walker & team @ Rocksause Studios - David Haynes @
SoundCloud - Ashley Dlsdon @ -
Kirk Hamilton @ - Peter Kirn @ - Eliot Van Buskirk @ - Wagner
James Au @
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