Anyone wishes to have their wiki working at the best, here are some polices to help you to be safe and able to enjoy a relaxed community:

No Swearing

Anyone can read a wiki, including young children. Any inappropriate content or swearing can cause users to confuse false and true information. Swearing has serious consequences, and will not be tolerated.


Bullying is not permitted in any wiki, including ones outside of Wikia. Harassment and vandalism also applies to this serious issue, having a high chance of being banned for long times.

No Unrelated Articles

This wiki is about Isle of Tune, not another topic, so it is strongly urged to read About before editing or creating any pages. This wiki should not contain articles of a certain island since they are personal, but a Top Ten Winners can be existing.

No Abusing Your Available Powers

You must use your rights only when it is needed for the better, not personally. Blocking people or change things just because it is your desire is banned.

No Racism

Racism is taken very seriously, and is not allowed to be expressed in any wikis. We allow people to edit here regardless of their race, gender, religion or background. Calling someone an offensive name based on their skin color, religion, etc. is taken just as seriously as exclusion.

No Abusing Multiple Accounts

Abusing multiple accounts (also known as creating Sockpuppets) is pointless: do not do it. You are limited to a maximum of 2 accounts per user. One main account, and one spare. Any more are not permitted. We highly recommend that if you are going to make a spare account, one for a bot (if you do have one), do not mention it, and refrain from using it until you need to. A spare account is also incapable of receiving higher user rights.

No Plagiarism

At Isle of Tune Wiki, administrators take plagiarism seriously. Most people work hard daily to create and edit content to keep the site up-to-date and do not tolerate plagiarism. If plagiarized content is posted on this site could get people in trouble with the law (and this mainly applies to administrators).