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Adjusting Car Speed
Tired of having the same speed that the car moves every time? This adjustment can change it!

1. Insert a car by clicking on a button that look like this:
Car Icon

2. Then click on a road to insert it.

3. Simply click on the car, then a button like this will appear:
Speed Button 1

4. Click on it, then it will change. You will also notice the car changing the colour to green.
Speed Button 2   →   Speed Button 3

Blue Car 01Blue Car 02Blue Car 03Blue Car 04
Blue Car 05Blue Car 06Blue Car 07Blue Car 08
Green Car 01Green Car 02Green Car 03Green Car 04
Green Car 05Green Car 06Green Car 07Green Car 08
Red Car 01Red Car 02Red Car 03Red Car 04
Red Car 05Red Car 06Red Car 07Red Car 08

Warning! This adjustment is limited to the iOS version!


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