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Adjust Car Tool
Wanting to adjust your car slightly? No worries, just use this tool to help you!
Adjust Car Button

The Adjust Car Icon

General Description

The Adjust Car Tool is a tool in Isle of Tune used to adjust car directions. It is a car with an arrow next to it inside a blue square. Select a car then click on the Adjust Car button, then it will adjust the car as you want it to! However, this tool is limited to the iOS Version, as it was a new feature. It will automatically change the direction the car is going to go by itself, whilst this tool adjusts it to the correct direction. Here are the different directions:

Blue Car 01Blue Car 02Blue Car 03Blue Car 04
Blue Car 05Blue Car 06Blue Car 07Blue Car 08

Green Car 01Green Car 02Green Car 03Green Car 04
Green Car 05Green Car 06Green Car 07Green Car 08

Red Car 01Red Car 02Red Car 03Red Car 04
Red Car 05Red Car 06Red Car 07Red Car 08


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